Choreograaf Hiekyoung Kim ontwikkelt dans- en bewegingschoreografieën, gebaseerd op "spacial compositions" en "partnering technieken". Hiekyoung Kim nam ook de bewegingschoreografie van de laatste productie van Omega voor haar rekening en werkt nu mee aan Big Kiss.

Hiekyoung Kim was born in South Korea and raised in Berlin, began her dance training in Berlin and New York before receiving her degree in Dance Composition from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. In addition to her studies in Modern and 'New Dance' forms, she has a strong interest in Jazz and 'Hip-Hop' dance, and continues to pursue this interest by taking classes and integrating this work in her choreographic work. Her greatest strengths, however, are in the field of improvisation, partnering and composition.

During the period 1996 - 2000 she choreographed several of her own works as well as collaborating with other choreographers.  She and Kurt Koegel have created four duets over a three-year period.  Each of these duets combines set movement and (contact improvisation-derived) partnering sequences with sections of open improvisation. These duets have been performed in Amsterdam, Italy and Germany. Since 1998 she has been working on a variety of improvisation projects based in Amsterdam and co-teaching with Kurt Koegel in subjects of Contact and Improvisational skills.  During the past two years she has taught Improvisation in Greece, Italy, Portugal, and also at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam.